Impact branding creates sustainable competitive advantage

With impact branding your organization will understand its purpose and strengths and identify its relevance to other people. A clear brand philosophy built on a sustainable basis offers solid support for both future development and preparing for continuous change. Read more >


Initial survey

€780 + VAT

Realize the impact potential of your business.

Includes: preliminary survey, two-hour workshop, structured development proposition.



Impact branding

€14 500 + VAT

Build the tools for managing an impactful brand.

Includes: Preliminary research, three four-hour workshops, action plan as well as collective instructions for the brand philosophy and sustainability program.


€7 500 + VAT

Integrate responsibility into your existing brand idea.

Includes: Brand analysis, preliminary survey, two four-hour workshops as well as an articulated and visualized sustainability program.

An impactful brand captivates

Impact branding makes your organization more relevant to all its stakeholders and prepares your business for upcoming changes. It is not a matter of reports or campaigns, but strategic choices which define the future direction.

1. Realizing what is essential. Without prioritization and a clear fundamental idea, the whole of responsibility becomes too large and good intentions start to dwindle. Together we will pinpoint the aspects of your organization that can have the most positive impact when invested in – profiting both the organization and the world around it.

2. Implementing your purpose. For many, being responsible means minimizing the negative impacts of your actions. We’re seizing the opportunities to do more. By integrating positive impact into the development work of products, services and business models we open new doors to sustainable growth for your organization.

3. Engaging people. Before your organization can change the world, it Active communication and emotionally engaging content help people better understand how your brand can support them in fulfilling their own dreams and have an impact on matters dear to them.

Concrete advantages 

  • Having a clear corporate philosophy which you can rely on in your decision-making
  • Having your personnel internalize your business’s deeper purpose and independently implement the strategy
  • Engaging your clients with your brand on a deeper than product or service level
  • Being viewed as an appealing employer by top professionals in your field
  • Being evaluated as prepared for the future by financiers
  • Creating sustainable competitive advantage