Part 1 – Who we are

Dear friend, you are warmly welcome to discover the Fabrik way of being, living and doing meaningful work together.

“We have always gone the extra mile to ensure that the strategies we design, the concepts we crystallise, the campaigns and creative solutions we come up with, have maximum impact. Now the goal is clear and shared by all. The sustainability crisis is challenging our entire economic system, our concept of well-being, our very existence.

We believe that business is the key to the solution. Without new business models and compelling brand stories, people cannot be persuaded to change their lifestyles and society cannot be persuaded to reform its structures. Not fast enough and not on a large enough scale. Science has already done its part, everyone knows what needs to be done. Now we need to influence people’s opinions and attitudes. Get people to think, motivate them to change, inspire them to get involved. That’s what we’ve always been best at.”

Perttu, CEO

(Photo: B for good leaders summit gathered us + 1200 other leaders from 50 different countries together to Amsterdam in May 2023.)


We have deep roots in marketing and communication. And we are still very passionate with the creative stuff. Our own transformation started for many years ago with purpose-driven marketing and in some point we realized that it was not enough: we have to help our customers to really change – not only start communications about their purpose. 

When we met the B Corp movement we fell in love.

There is a holistic way and community for the companies who really want to create a better future for the planet, people and business. So here we are – we are helping other companies and organizations to respond possibility to make better business and we still can use our creative roots. For the change – we have to inspire the customers, stakeholders and workers to join in.

(Photo of the clock tower of the railway station)

Proud to

It means we meet the highest verified standards of social & environmental performance, transparency & accountability. We have two B Leaders who are trained to help others to join the movement. *Why B Corp? We promise you, this one is a good one.

(In the photo, Markus is enjoying a spring day in the wilderness of Kilpisjärvi)


Let’s face it: doing business as usual is not enough. As our biggest impact comes from our customers, we are committed to help their businesses – to empower people – to create the regenerative world.

For us, this is not only a high-flying vision, but it has also meaning on a much deeper level. Among​​​​​​​ Fabrik personnel the are 9 parents, who have 13 children. In​​​​​​​ 50 years we want to say them: yes, we knew and we really did do some stuff for a better future. 

(Photo taken at Copenhagen airport on the way home from B Leader training)

Impact Strategy

We have only one strategy. It includes our impact business model and our own operations. The strategy is divided into four pillars, and we are constantly developing our work through the B Corp Assessment.

Our strategy is based on three steps:

1. Wake up

Know what your impact is today 

2. Grow up

Develop your actions to minimize negative impacts and maximize the positive ones

3. Show up

Tell everyone about your work in a transparent and inspiring way – invite people, customers and partners to join in 

Environmental Programme



Create a positive handprint

Every project is an opportunity for us to change things for the better, at team level or on a global scale. We always aim for the biggest possible impact.

Let’s have some fun

The world is not changed by intimidation or blame, but by inspiring people to get involved. We cherish freedom, courage and playfulness.

Increase peace of mind

Respectful communication and responsible attitude allow us to choose balance instead of rushing around. Either we run the day, or the day runs us.

(Photo: Hey, we have similar clothes, Rasmus and Hanna noticed)

What is it like to work at Fabrik?

Fabrik is a community that offers you the opportunity to make a difference in changing the world for the better. 

But it doesn’t come easy. There are many demands, and the continuous development is essential. This work is good for ambitious, curious, and self-initiative people.

For our people the most meaningful things are:

”Good feedback, customers’ confidence in your work, small places changing the world & people’s thinking, open debate on important issues.”

”Being part of this journey. I see promoting responsible business as a job I really want to do.”

”A new focus, direction, leadership, the opportunity to be the change and the example.”

”Making real progress towards your goals and gaining access to concrete tools through B Leader Training and the contacts made there”

Highlights from our staff survey December 2022

(Photo is from the filming of the brand film made by Fabrik for the Helsinki Central Railway Station)

Part 2 – how we work

Our culture is a work in progress. We refine our culture further as we learn more.


Marketing and
 Creative Design

Ville, Lean process



Jonna, HR

Video &

Samuli, Financial management


It’s Lean

Most of our projects follow the described process. It ensures that we do our work with purpose and with real impact. All our projects are in one place: project management software brings together CRM, project management, time tracking and invoicing. 

In this link you can find all our processes. Note Access only for Fabrik employees.

Data Collection

We do a lot of data gathering and measuring for our customers but also of our own actions and impact.


We conduct an employee experience survey every three months. This is how we monitor our values, balance and vibe of our people.


Output = At the end of each project we do a smaller pulse survey with our clients to see what has gone well and what we can do better in the future.

Everyday Principles

We certify the positive impact of all our work. This is done by setting a measurable target for each piece of work. We always measure and monitor the success of the target.

Each of us has our own area of responsibility – to learn and to teach it to our people or if necessary to our customers. The themes are under sustainability and responsibility umbrella and help us to keep up with the constantly changing world.

We certify the positive impact of all our work. This is done by setting a measurable target for each piece of work. We always measure and monitor the success of the target.

We respect the principles of safe space. Here they are:

  • Be open-minded
  • Encourage and give space to everyone
  • Respect for all
  • Remember your own limits and those of others
  • No assumptions or generalisations about anyone’s background, health, gender, sexuality
  • Get involved if there is evidence of misbehaviour, bullying or harassment (for example in our whistleblower channel)

We use our resources efficiently. We constantly strive to find the most efficient way to do our job. For example, if we find a way to automate a task, we do it. Our focus is on maximising our positive impact.

We use the resources of our environment efficiently. For example, when we move for work, we prefer to use our feet instead of our car, couples and other small and big things. Preference at each facility is to purchase from local suppliers and to set formal targets and goals.

Promoting diversity through our work (to be completed soon).


  • All apply to all fabrik employees. Including part-time employees.
  • All employees at Fabrik are entitled to an E-passi. The amount of the e-passi is 125 € / 6 months (recharged in January and July) and includes exercise and wellness services
  • Employment Relationship bike: we have signed a contract with GoByBike. All permanent and temporary employees are now eligible to purchase an employee bike through the service. The amount is deducted from the salary in monthly installments.
  • All the workers are insured with leisure time personal accident insurance.
  • Extensive occupational health care, available throughout Finland.
  • The bonus is payed in January of every year and is margin-targeted, meaning that by reducing purchases, finding additional sales and doing things efficiently, we can all contribute to success.

The induction process

This culture handbook is essential when new employees start in our business with us. This is a work in progress but we see it as a journey of several important steps:

  • before recruitment
  • recruitment phase
  • before starting work (preboarding)
  • reception and first day
  • first week [orientation]
  • first month [onboarding]
  • end of probationary period
  • end of employment

Ergonomic Policies

Ergonomics makes it easier to work. Things that we should consider every now and then:

  • Vary your working posture throughout the day and maintain a good working posture
  • Take a break from sitting by standing up at least every 30 minutes
  • Sit in a good position: Keep your heels on the floor, lean on the backrest of the chair, keep forearms supported on chair arms or table at 90° angle
  • Adjust the height of the desk, the chair, and lighting to the workstation
  • Your body needs a wide range of movement
  • Recreational exercise helps you to recover from the working day
  • Constant repetition of the same movement can cause pain and strain injuries
  • Your own fitness has an impact on how stressed you feel
  • In our office we have stand-up tables, stand-up cushions, gymnastics balls, etc – let’s use them intentionally
  • Our work is supported by a wide range of occupational health services from a private provider. Our contract also includes physiotherapeutic services. So, let’s ask for help with a low threshold
  • Check if your ergonomics is good >
  • Tips for better back health >

Weekly Planning

We have offices in Joensuu and Helsinki – and we love to work face to face whenever it is possible. Still, we are very open to the idea that work goes with the rest of life. Some of us might live partly in Lapland or Amsterdam.

That is why there are guidelines in our week planning. On Mondays, the workday begins at 8:15 with a joint weekly meeting that everyone attends via teams or at the office. From Tuesday to Friday, everyone should be available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. All meetings will be scheduled between 8 a.m and 4 p.m. Even if someone wants to work in the evening, no commitment is required and meetings will be scheduled to end before 16.00.

The calendar is filled in proactively and distributed from the settings to all Fabrik members for viewing. Calendars are checked out at team meetings on Fridays. Again, work is only part of our lives, and our work time is flexible in use (+/- 20 h).

Virtual Work with Environmental Focus

Remote working is not only efficient and sometimes relaxing, but also an ecological choice. But to be ecological, we have to be more focused. For example, keep all driving to a minimum on a remote working day – prefer walking and cycling if possible! Here are some principles to consider when remote working.

  • We use paperless virtual offices 
  • We recycle – at home and at the office
  • We prefer environmentally friendly products and practices
  • Reduce energy usage and purchase energy that is produced from renewable sources locally, if available
  • Use an energy efficient room as home office
  • Set the heating to 19–21°C and use a thermostat programmer to control the timing of heating
  • Use long life efficient bulbs or LED lamps and light dimmers on all wall, ceiling and desk mounted appliances
  • Use “task lighting” by lighting just the working area at a higher level and providing background lighting at a lower level for the rest of the space, to minimise the amount of electric light being used
  • Check energy ratings before purchasing new appliances and equipment
  • Turn off all electrical devices in the office at the end of each working session (lights, computers, printers)
  • Working tools are recycled via office, otherwise you can check more info for e-waste here >

Ability to Work

It is important that you only work when you are healthy, for yourself and so as not to infect others. If an employee gets sick, he or she may stay home for two days with informing their supervisor. For sick leave of more than two days, there must be either a nurse’s or doctor’s certificate from the third day of illness (the certificate also includes temporary sick leave due to the child’s illness from the third day) for a total of 1-9 days.

We work in an industry where mental wellbeing is everything. As a community, we keep an eye on everyone’s wellbeing and are sensitive to any signs of exhaustion. The main responsibility for this lies with the management team and their caring for work-life balance. Occupational health also covers the services of a psychologist if necessary.

Keep Things Tidy

When using the kitchen or the meeting rooms, the guidelines are clear: Your parents don’t work here.

  • Don’t leave extra stuff in the office
  • In a tidy environment, thoughts run faster
  • Put used dishes in the dishwasher, start the full machine
  • Remove clean dishes from the dishwasher
  • Take a full rubbish bag to the bin and put a new bag in its place
  • Take your old food out of the fridge
  • Take lunch boxes back home (limited cupboard space in the kitchen)
  • Always recycle

(In the photo, Mikael and his hobby)

Success is not about achieving the goals but about every step into the right direction.

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