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Sustainable Future, Built on Trust

Starting point

It’s not too much to say that ABLOY brand is a part of being Finnish. Almost everyone from Hanko to Nuorgam has an ABLOY key in their pocket and that has been the case for many decades. The kids in 80’s and 90’s wearing a traditional ABLOY Classic neckband even produced a new Finnish word: key children. The well-established position has been confirmed with Abloy’s skill to renew themselves and be ahead of their time when it comes to digital solutions, which increase accessibility ja controllability. Therefore, it’s only natural, that year after year ABLOY keeps their top ranked place of the most respected brands in Finland; they have had the second place in 2022 and 2023.

Known as the pathfinder of safety and locking, ABLOY has also been a forerunner in social and economic sustainability. For several decades, they have done fruitful work for staff’s well-being and safety. It is visible in Ikämestariohjelma (Agemaster program), which is a model example of work-life balance and job comfort. A large development project to reach ISO 14001 -economy certificate started in 1997. The factory of Joensuu has been free of landfill waste from the year 2017, the district heating has been carbon-neutral and the electricity has been 100% from renewable sources all the way from 2013. As a part of ASSA ABLOY group, controlling and reporting the supply chain has been systematically developed more sustainable.

For many, the meritorious work came as a surprise. Therefore, Abloy’s sustainability work needed a clarifying and put-together core thought, and a tight bond to ABLOY brand – a clear story of what sustainability means to Abloy, its customers and stakeholders, and easily readable communication about the freshly done carbon roadmap and carbon footprint calculation.


The effects of Abloy’s work and commitment to sustainability were given the spotlight they deserved. The goals, strategies and daily choices were talked about proudly and with a recognizable visuality. Still, sustainability must not only be viewed on its own but – such as with their operations – as a natural part of every subject.

The first output were the essential information on the website, online-events’ visual elements and the supporting material for communication. Step by step the theme will integrate more to the ABLOY brand and become a natural part of the communications inside and outside.


The talk of put-together vision and visualized communication was clearly needed in the organization – the update had a great reception in Finland and globally. Abloy’s staff even made content of it to their own social media accounts. In addition, Abloy’s marketing team has received requests for several kinds of materials after the publication.

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Timo Kupiainen

Impact Strategist, B Leader