We will make your brand impactful in every environment.

The world is quickly advancing in a direction where people expect companies to have solutions for meaningful problems.

Our product is centered on helping you realize the importance of your actions and focus on concrete efforts to achieve your goals.

Nothing happens until we get people involved. There is no better way for involvement than emotionally engaging communication and marketing.

Impact Branding

  • Scanning and categorization of impacts, focusing on the essentials, creating a concrete plan of action (impact)
  • Summarizing and articulating the brand philosophy (purpose)
  • Visually designing the brand identity (identity)

We have developed our Impact Branding ® product in cooperation with our friends from the Danish Goodvertising Company and the Dutch Rainbow Collection. Our partners are also available for client projects.


  • Communication strategy
  • Communication planning
  • Strategic communication
  • Communicational production: articles, newsletters, announcements etc.

Marketing and advertising

  • The concepts of advertising: -Target group analysis, insight, creative solutions
  • Strategic marketing: -Customer experience, purchase journey, product portfolio
  • Content and digital marketing
  • Websites, usability and visual design
  • Marketing planning
  • Advertising planning and production


  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Sound production