Our story

Fabrik has deep roots in creative design and affective communication. Over the decades, our journey has included all kinds of ideas and media, but our success has always been measured by the impact of our execution. The better we have done our job, the greater the impact we have achieved.

We are passionate about what we do, so the consequences of our work are no small matter to us. We genuinely believe in the power of companies and brands to influence and the power of communications to change the world and move people. That’s why we’re standing here today. As Impact Agency Fabrik, having left the former advertising agency label behind permanently.

We realised a long time ago, when we were developing the effectiveness of our work, that corporate storytelling has no basis unless it has a clear, relevant purpose for the target group and concrete actions behind the talk. As demands for business responsibility began to accelerate, we understood once and for all our role in making the world we envision a reality.

Although we felt strongly that we were on the right path, stepping into the unknown was scary. We reached out – and they took it. We were joined by Thomas Kolster, who had come further along the same journey from around the world, and Rainbow Collection, with whom our partnership has already deepened into joint client relationships.

Every generation has a role to play in securing a better future. It is up to us to decide how to make the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle in time. We believe that business is the key. Innovation, new business models, building trust and engaging people will help create the positive impact – that the world needs and people expect from business.