Fabrik is looking for one or more pro bono partners

Fabrik is looking for one or more pro bono partners – the main criterion is the potential of the applicant to make a real impact. Is your community seeking to make a significant positive difference in our society, but would need a little extra effort to succeed?

The pro bono partner search of Fabrik, a brand agency specialising in sustainability, could be the solution. The creative agency has just launched a call for partners for 2023 and 2024, with a minimum of 300 hours of work per year for a good partner.

The most important criterion for partner selection is the applicant’s potential to make a real impact at national or international level.

“In previous years, we have donated tens of tonnes of our work to organisations such as the Finnish League for Nature Conservation. As part of our new sustainability strategy and the B Corp sustainability community, we have decided to donate 2% of our turnover each year to maximise the positive impact of our chosen partners. Through our partnership programme, we provide free strategic services and marketing communication solutions for responsible and sustainable business,” says Perttu Kouvalainen, CEO of Fabrik.

Priority will be given to national non-profit organisations working to promote climate action, access to food and clean water, equality, multiculturalism, affordable housing, justice and peace, among other issues. Start-ups are also seen as interesting partners for new and sustainable solutions.

“At Fabrik, we work with the understanding that we are all interdependent and therefore responsible for each other and future generations. All business activities must be conducted in a way that does not cause unnecessary harm and that allows the results or effectiveness of the activities to be used in a variety of ways for the common good.”