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Pohjois-Karjalan maakuntaliitto

Starting point

According to studies North-Karelia’s balanced and relaxed image still attracts people in this hectic world, and in 2021 more people moved to North-Karelia than ever in statistical history.

What else is North-Karelia known for than cottages and Karelian pies? How are young adults and people heading to labour market reached to keep the area vibrant in the future?

To respond to the challenges, in the summer of 2023 The Regional Council of North-Karelia (Pohjois-Karjalan maakuntaliitto) decided to implement a campaign, which was to largely renew the image of North-Karelia and call for a new 20 to 35-year-old target audience.


A two-phased Redesigner-campaign was designed for North-Karelia. Its center is in the sustainable values and an encounter to remember. The main channels of marketing alongside with their social media were the Flow Festival’s channels, impact-cooperation and earned media.

Step 1. The dream job of the summer

The campaign started with a recruitment, in which three young adults were searched for a new kind of summer job – their mission was to plan a sustainably built, unique fashion creation and at the same time, view North-Karelia from their own personal perspective. Everyone between ages from 15 to 30 was invited to apply. The requirements were for one to design and make clothes, and to be interested to create something new for North-Karelia based on their values.

88 designers applied and the selections were made by North-Karelian Achilles Ion Gabriel, who is the creative leader of Camper and one of the most influential fashion designers in Finland. Linda Turunen, a postdoctoral researcher of sustainable fashion helped the young employees with their work and with conceptualizing circular economy. The young adults selected were Elina Heilanen, Juha Vehmaanperä and Priss Niinikoski. They visited North-Karelia in the summer of 2023 and made content of the trip to their own social media channels.

Step 2. Flow X North-Karelian showroom

North-Karelia was chosen as an official partner for the Flow Festival 2023 based on shared values and as a result, Redesigner’s recruitment was prominent in Flow’s channels during the spring. The showroom was made visually impressive, surprise-providing magic land, in which all the visitors could feel themselves special and accepted.

The Redesigner-creations of the three young designer stars were published in the first day of the Flow Festival, at the press conference of the showroom. Circular economy was a strong center of the showroom. Plants, fishing nets and old recycled towels from North-Karelia were used in the creations of the young designers. To create the North-Karelian department, old industrial tank-containers, skylight domes and washing machine drums were used.


“An ambitious campaign was created based on our values, and trough the implementation we could speak to a whole new target audience inspiringly and by sharing the message of societal circular economy. During spring and summer, we got the deserved visibility trough recruitment, selection and finally the partnership. Flow’s channels, influencers and the earned media worked very well. In only 3 days the showroom was visited by 21 000 people. This project was done together and with a full heart.” –Marketing Manager of North-Karelia, Heli Räsänen

”North-Karelia as Flow Festival’s partner was such an extraordinary idea, it had to be done. The campaign showcased important values and content such as sustainability, arts, and fashion. The implementation was unique and inspiring, and the audience gave us great feedback. We are grateful for North-Karelia for their bravery to jump into new things and for the seamless cooperation.” –Flow Festival’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Vilja Grotenfelt

”Redesigner-campaign was a wonderful chance to get to know North-Karelia! It is amazing, that the Regional Council of North-Karelia has such a brave way to make their county visible in a whole new way, as they are supporting young designers at the same time. This project has enabled visibility in various channels and medias during spring and summer. Additionally, my outfit was sent to Maria Veitola for her to borrow to a press conference of a TV-show. –A young designer for the Redesigner, Juha Vehmaanperä

“The level of talent of the 88 applicants was very high. Many had an identifiable handprint and style, which is always important when designing. Priss, Elina and Juha were all able to combine different materials in their work, and as the outcome they emerged something new and insane, while being true to their own style. Because of my own origins, it was amazing to be a part of this.” –Camper’s Creative Leader, Achilles Ion Gabriel

“The future shines through these creations. To reach the goals of circular economy, we need game-changers and example setters. North-Karelia and the young designers succeeded brilliantly.” –Postdoctoral Researcher of Aalto University, Linda Turunen

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