WEBINAR RECORDING: Why is B Corp certification a great tool for developing corporate responsibility?

What links the pioneers of responsible business, such as Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s and Tony’s Chocolonely?

The answer is B Corp – but what does “good business, good people & good ethics” actually mean in terms of business development? And what can the B Corp movement, which is rapidly expanding into the Nordic countries, offer your organisation?

Watch the recording of the webinar held on Monday 20.3.2023 below.

Guests at the webinar:

  • Henrika Peltola, Danone’s corporate responsibility expert, who will give a first-hand and concrete account of how B Corp is a great tool for companies’ overall responsibility management.
  • Dieuwertje Damen, Managing Director of the Rainbow Collection in Amsterdam, talks about the B Corp movement, the reasons behind its rapid popularity and the benefits of the network.


14 Why Fabrik has chosen B Corp as a strategic tool and why Finnish companies should also be interested in it / Perttu Kouvalainen, Impact Agency Fabrik

14.15 Tool – the free B Impact Assessment (BIA) takes a holistic look at a company’s business / Henrika Peltola, Danone

14.30 Community – what B Corp’s growth is based on, what it offers and how it is already having an impact on the Central European business scene / Dieuwertje Damen, Rainbow Collection

14.45 Q&A – can my company get a certificate? Where to start? Who can help?

Watch the webinar: