Fabrik is now owned by four of its employees

“We are a growth company that encourages companies to turn sustainability into a competitive advantage”

The ownership of Fabrik Ltd, based in Helsinki and Joensuu, has changed. Together with CEO Perttu Kouvalainen, the company’s shares are now held by employees Ville Timonen, Samuli Kuittinen and Jonna Ekroos, who is returning to Fabrik from other duties.

Founded in 1996, Fabrik has come a long way from traditional advertising agency to creative and strategic player that helps companies differentiate themselves through sustainability.

“Sustainability is no longer a silent signal. It’s a supporting pillar that keeps a company competitive and relevant to its employees and customers. In Finland, many companies already have a solid sustainability record, but the big picture needs clarification, as well as internal and external communication and marketing. This is how it becomes genuinely impactful.”

In developing its sustainability services, Fabrik has been partnered for a few years with two leading European players, the impact company Rainbow Collection and “Mr. Goodvertising” Thomas Kolster.

“Fabrik’s mission is important and it is in everyone’s interest to succeed. Both for businesses seeking a boost in sustainability, and for the people and environment whose well-being companies can positively impact.”

The global political crisis is worrying for the new entrepreneurs, but also a catalyst for action.

“Businesses and communities are building a world around their own values. Being responsible and doing good is a choice most of us are happy to make, luckily.”

Fabrik, employing 21 people, works with partners such as Abloy internationally, VR nationally and Viherkaste and the North Karelia Cooperative regionally.

“Fabrik is a growth company as of today, but it will neither contribute to creating instant profits nor a disposable culture. A lasting positive impact requires a clear goal, concrete actions and long-term work to achieve it.”