Our work as a creative agency continues, but the focus is now on making a positive impact

These days of May will remain particularly meaningful in Fabrik’s story.

1) We just sent off our Certified B Corporation application… hopefully in 6 months we will be the 4th B Corp in Finland!

2) The change of our company name took effect, and we are now Impact Agency Fabrik Ltd.

Sustainability creates a competitive advantage

Both of these things speak of commitment and sum up the work we have been preparing for a few years now. We believe that businesses and their customers are at the epicenter in the shift towards a more sustainable culture and that sustainability creates thriving businesses.

From the perspective of the FIBS Corporate Responsibility Meter 2021, it’s not a choice you have to think twice about: 84% of companies felt that the business benefits of sustainability were greater than the resources needed to ensure it.

But it is what happens after the choice that needs considering: according to the same survey, 97% of companies believe they are making a positive impact on the environment or society, but only a few have solid evidence of this. And in fact, according to the Edelmann Trust Barometer, consumer confidence in corporate responsibility communication is slowly eroding.

The impact of actions matters

In this respect, B Corp is more than welcome as the best tool to put your money where your mouth is today – nearly 5,000 companies globally already agree and the number is growing fast.

The certificate holistically permeates sustainability as an integral part of a company’s competitiveness and as a genuine force for change in society. If you are struggling to make your own sustainability impact or take the first steps, the certificate is the clear tool and answer to your situation.

In addition to our own certification, we specialize in helping others embark on the same path. We have the help of our Amsterdam-based friends from the Rainbow Collection, who have more than ten years and over two hundred projects of experience in building impactful business.

Our work as a creative agency continues, but the emphasis now lies on making a positive impact with our partners. In the near future, we’ll be sharing more about the application process and our development work through our various channels – and we’d love to meet you face-to-face if you’re inspired.

Check out Fabrik’s Impact Branding tool and see how we can come together to develop your company’s impact.