Responsibility as a competitive advantage – performance and resilience in the face of change

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Corporate responsibility is no longer just talk – it’s a business imperative

The transformation of global conditions and consumption is happening now. And the results speak for the fastest movers: among the challenges, they are identifying new opportunities. Sustainability is then a competitive advantage, and the business benefits are quickly reflected in the results.

So what is sustainability as a competitive advantage in practice?

Sustainability is a shared choice. Consumers, investors and business leaders are all aware of what they want.  The level of demand and, fortunately, the supply of products is changing, for big and small. Even market leadership will not go far if you do not keep pace with developments.

Responsibility is about reacting quickly. The market cannot wait for politicians to fine-tune future policy. Competitive advantage is achieved when a company sets its own milestones. If you simply follow existing recommendations, you will fall behind in performance and development.

Responsibility is the key to determining the value of companies. If a company is not in touch with the transparency and shared obligations of its own business, its value will inevitably fall. It is difficult to imagine that in five years’ time there will still be significant acquisitions without a thorough assessment of the impact of the activity.

Responsibility is the safest strategy. Since the only certainty is change, preparing for it will bring the fewest operational surprises. When you understand the impacts of your business, focus on developing the most relevant ones and communicate this to your customers, you have chosen a very safe strategy.

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