Corporate responsibility keywords on the rise – is your organisation on the move?

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Sustainability and related keywords have been on the rise for a long time. Trends show a clear message that corporate responsibility-related keywords are gaining ground in search results.

Compared to a year ago, the following words are the clearest risers:
responsible business +33%
responsible management +200%
social responsibility +57%
environmental responsibility +120%
corporate financial responsibility +50%
fibs +23%.
(Source Google keyword tool: change in the number of Finnish Google searches from 2021 to 2022 in Finland)

And here are just a few examples – there are many more keywords with different variations.

The rise of words related to corporate responsibility is not just a phenomenon of the last year

Looking at the total number of search terms included in this sample in May 2022, they have doubled since May 2019.

Increase in search volumes for corporate responsibility words from 2019 to 2022. Source: Google keyword tool

It is also good to see that B Corp has steadily increased its visibility in Finland in terms of search volume. B Corp companies are responsible, widely certified operators that operate in a sustainable and transparent manner. It is also a global sustainability network, and we will certainly hear more about it in Finland in the coming years. Find out more in our earlier B Corp article by Timo.

As you might expect, corporate sustainability topics also sleep in the summer – in July we see a clear drop in searches. Instead, it is interesting to see that the top search peaks for this topic are in March and November year on year. These are the periods when sustainability issues are particularly prominent in the business world.

Both national and international surveys tell the same story in terms of consumer aspirations and search terms:

“69% of global consumers believe brands should do more to help them consume more consciously; 65% believe governments should introduce legislation to promote conscious consumption.”

Accenture, April 2021

Is your organisation ready?

November is approaching – and there’s nothing stopping you from taking the first steps towards truly impactful and responsible business now. In fact, it is already becoming the default. At Fabrik, we are here to support businesses in this important change. Check out our Impact Branding product and let’s continue the conversation!

Author of the article: Hanna Leppänen, Fabrik’s SEO and Data Planner