Crisis communication skills are your company’s best reputation insurance

Our training will help you identify and anticipate risks and plan for a crisis situation.


Few companies prepare strategically for risks and crises and are therefore unfortunately often caught in the middle of a media and social media storm – reacting is always about responding to the situation, not managing it. Many reputational crises could be avoided if companies had the courage to honestly assess their weaknesses and deepen their crisis communication skills. Reputation is very difficult to manage, but it can be built on a sustainable basis.


Our Crisis Resilient Company training will help you take control:

1. Conduct an upfront risk mapping

2. In the first workshop, we will go deeper into identifying, classifying and managing risks for your business.

3. In the second workshop, we will go through the principles of crisis communication, the framework of a contingency plan and the guidelines for action


Benefits of the training

  • Understand how today’s crises arise & the role of the public
  • Identify and anticipate the risks for your business
  • Identify what reputation management measures you can take now
  • Learn the principles of crisis communication
  • Get a basis for a contingency plan that can be adapted by your organisation
  • Know how to manage and learn from a crisis
  • Learn how to practice crisis communication


Do you need help with enhanced communication or crisis communication right now?


We can help you get through the crisis and take control of the situation. Depending on the situation, measures may include enhanced internal or stakeholder communication (sometimes this can help avoid a crisis), initial briefing and root cause analysis, or communication to media, online and staff.


A crisis is an accelerated change, and when it starts, it is often not known what it will bring. When handled with openness, honesty and responsibility, a crisis can often be a new opportunity for a company.

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Jonna Ekroos

Communication Strategist, Partner