A sustainability report makes your company’s goals and achievements visible

If sustainability is part of your business values, a sustainability report is a way for your company to ensure credibility and impact – but also to engage your employees and stakeholders.

Why should you do a sustainability report?

  • Gives you a credible basis for reputation and risk management, as well as long-term and consistent sustainability communication
  • Increase your understanding of the impacts of your activities and how to measure them
  • Create a management system for continuous improvement and doing better
  • Increase the transparency of your activities; you can communicate your values and how they are translated into concrete action
  • Engage and motivate your staff through involvement and training
  • Answer the questions of aware consumers and build credibility, for example in sales materials

The scope of the report should be tailored to the size of your organisation and the starting point for reporting. EU legislation will increase regulation of larger companies in the coming years, but the demand from consumers and stakeholders for overall accountability and transparency is a theme that companies should also address.

If you do not yet have a sustainability programme or strategy in place, we will at least provide a baseline and target definition for your reporting. The reporting is always based on international reporting frameworks and standards

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Jonna Ekroos

Communication Strategist, Partner