Corporate Responsibility 360° gives you clear steps to develop your business in a holistic way

Do you think about what accountability means for your organisation or whether the choices you make are genuinely effective? Our products will help you to take a holistic view of corporate responsibility and understand what’s most relevant to your competitiveness. Our responsibility products are based on the standards of the international *B Corp certification.

Our products

Corporate Responsibility 360°

14 500 €

Our work will progress in three sprints, and the final development package will give you a clear basis for your accountability work. You will be able to immediately start concrete and relevant sustainability actions with targets and indicators, and understand where to focus in the future.


Content: identifying the positive and negative impacts of your product or service and the expectations of your stakeholders.


A relevance analysis to guide you on where to focus in terms of impact and competitiveness.


The strategy includes a sustainability agenda with development projects and a plan for internal and external communication – engage people and get ahead of your competitors.

B Corp certification

15 500 €

Join the pioneers of responsible business and apply to become a certified B Corp. The B Impact Assessment is a comprehensive and development-encouraging tool.


Content: a start situation analysis, preliminary studies, impact vision and strategy, roadmap for development projects and coaching for certification. A plan for internal and external communication.

Sustainability reporting

8 500 €

Make sustainability a part of your business. From 2024, the EU will require large companies to report on their sustainability performance, but in terms of consumer expectations and competitive advantage, it’s worth starting now.


Content: identification, definition of priorities, measurement and data collection, folding and a lightweight plan for internal and external communication. The price will depend on the scope of the report.

*Why B Corp?

You’re probably wondering why yet another new certificate and how you can really benefit from it? The answer is this: B Corp’s trump card is its comprehensive effectiveness assessment, development and management tool, used by over 500,000 companies around the world. It is not limited to a single product or a specific part of the supply chain, but cuts across the entire business (management, employees, community, environment and customers).


In the midst of sustainability promises, B Corp focuses on real impact and is therefore a credible basis for corporate sustainability work.

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