Employer branding makes you stand out

If the best talent is key to your success, it’s crucial get started now – not when the need to recruit is urgent. We’ll help you meet the challenge and build a competitive and future-proof employer brand. Read more >


Initial survey

€780 + VAT

Recognize the position of your employer brand with its challenges and possibilities

Includes: preliminary survey, two-hour workshop, structured development proposition


Employer branding

€14 500 + VAT

Develop an attractive employer brand and engage the best professionals

Includes: preliminary research, two workshops, action plan and organization culture handbook

Continuous collaboration

When your employer brand is comprehensively understood, it’s time to charm and assure the target groups while persistently carrying out the plan. We’ll help you succeed and take care that the internal and external communication alongside marketing stand out and engage people.

Win the strive for talent with a successful employer brand

Employer branding helps persistently stand out from the competition. It’s about answering the talent management challenge and having leadership tools, such as the Employer Value Proposition (EVP), an action plan and monitoring of success.

1. We’ll find out what makes people commit to your company. In employee engagement, the most essential part is the employee experience: its current state, the target in the future, and which factors are actually relevant.

2. We will create a basis for talent attraction. Your employer brand is positioned among competition with defined goals for development. This vision responds to the most important target groups’ needs and ensures your business is the most attractive option for them in the future.

3. Lead the talent, lead the competition. With our product we will identify the talent need of your business, develop the guidelines for employee experience and create anfor building and developing your employer brand.


  • Leading your employer brand systematically and thoroughly
  • Knowing which sorts of personnel studies are worth carrying out
  • Understanding what your talents value
  • Saving time and money in recruitment
  • Attracting top professionals in your field
  • Increasing employee retention