A simple tool for employer branding – start by defining your differentiators

Employer branding has made its way onto the corporate agenda in recent years. In an age of dire talent shortage, the ability to attract and keep key employees productive and happy is the lifeblood of many businesses. To meet this challenge, employer branding creates an image of the company as an employer and makes it […]


B for Benefit – take a comprehensive look at the sustainability of your business

In early May, we applied for the B Corp certification. We hope to be amongst a global community of more than 5,000 companies by the end of this year. Meanwhile, we have to pass with flying colours an exceptionally rigorous assessment of our entire business, from business model to workplace culture to social and environmental […]


4 Facts: Why do responsible companies perform better?

Both research and concrete success stories make the case for investing in sustainable business. But what is the positive impact of sustainability based on? 1. The rules of the game have changed What worked yesterday won’t work in the future. From a business perspective, digitalization can provide a benchmark for change. Even now, some say […]


Fabrik is now owned by four of its employees

“We are a growth company that encourages companies to turn sustainability into a competitive advantage” The ownership of Fabrik Ltd, based in Helsinki and Joensuu, has changed. Together with CEO Perttu Kouvalainen, the company’s shares are now held by employees Ville Timonen, Samuli Kuittinen and Jonna Ekroos, who is returning to Fabrik from other duties. […]